Telos 101 Surf Island

A surf resort situated on Sipika island in the 101 islands of the Telos island chain. South of Nias and North of the Mentawais in North Sumatra, Indonesia. For surfing pristine, remote and uncrowded perfect waves with some serious game fishing thrown in…..all in tropical paradise…

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Telos offers an equal amount of lefts & rights catering for all standards from world class barrels to fun deep water shoulders. Wind and swell direction is not really a factor as there are a number of breaks easily accessible to Telos101 which work on opposing directions.


One of the most beautiful, natural and raw places in South East Asia that is practically as it was 50 years ago. Throw in beautiful people, spectacular scenery and beaches, perfect uncrowded waves and spectacular fishing, Telos is guaranteed to have you planning your return trip before you leave.

Getting There

Getting to Telos 101 will depend on a number of things, like which tour package you wish to purchase, which in turn will have you transit through either Padang or Medan. Where you are travelling from and an airline preference may also have some influence for you.


Telos101 offers unique packages with different modes of “getting there” and lengths of stay in resort with meals, surf transfers, sports equipment use complimentary and a number of other opportunities including scuba diving tuition available

Surfing Packages to suit all

In order to open up the Telos surfing region to all types of budgets, Telos 101 is proud to offer three different packages/options to get to your dream surf holiday.

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2017 Trip Schedule

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