Essentials to bring to Telos Surf Resort

There are a number of things you may need to know prior to coming to Telos 101 along with a basic list of things you must bring.

Essentials to bring to Telos 101 (in no particular order) 

  • 3 x photocopies of the photograph page of your passport
  • 2 pr of boardies (ladies will need to bring shorts and a tee shirt/halter top to surf in as well,  respecting local cultural expectations.)
  • Rash vests or similar and booties
  • Sunscreen, zinc and sunglasses
  • Your boards (of course) spare fins, fin keys, leashes, wax and ding repair kits if you prefer to fix your own board
  • A couple of light, loose t shirts and shorts, thongs
  • Mosquito/bug/inspect repellent
  • A mobile phone that is capable of having a local SIM card inserted to allow you to stay in touch with home at a very reasonable rate. (Note : iPhone 5 & 6’s are difficult to obtain micro SIMS for in Padang and even when located, are spasmodic in their success at operating locally)
  • Seasick tablets if you suffer motion sickness
  • Your anti-malaria medication (Personal choice)
  • A camera with plenty of memory card storage!!
  • As we have WiFi at the resort as our best form of communication, it may be advantageous to download apps such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, FaceBook Messenger or any other form of communication application you desire.

Items available for purchase in resort: 

  • WiFi Packages
  • Professional Photo Packages
  • Alcohol & Soft drinks
  • Official Telos 101 Merchandise


As such we recommend, that on average $650.00 AUD should be more than ample once out at the resort to cover all of the above.

Important things to remember prior to arrival at Telos 101

Your Passport must have AT LEAST 6 months validity from your schedule date of departure FROM INDONESIA likewise you must have AT LEAST two spare completely blank pages in your passport (the visa on arrival sticker takes up 1 page and the remaining is required for all of your entry and exit stamps).

You MUST have a comprehensive personal travel insurance policy that you will be asked to supply upon arrival at Telos 101 including an International 24-hour phone contact for the travel insurance company with whom you hold the policy. This policy MUST INCLUDE EMERGENCY MEDICAL EVACUATION.